Neuro Key is a signposting and campaigning Charity dedicated to improving the lives of people living with a neurological condition.

Founded in 2005, we work with local NHS organisations, charities, networks and forums to ensure we maintain up-to-date information on the services available in the region.


Check out The Directory for a range of general and condition-specific

information that could help you.  If you can’t find what you need or

have a question, please just get in touch.

 We listen to people who live with and those who care for someone with a neurological condition about the issues that affect their daily lives and use this to inform our campaigning and resources.

 ‘It’s your voice, we just turn up the volume!’

Our aim is to help those people affected by all neurological conditions get to the services and support they need to help improve the way they manage their condition.


We work with our local partners and policymakers to respond to consultations, draw common issues between conditions, raise awareness about what is important to those living with or caring for someone with a neurological condition and promote improvements to service design and delivery across the region.

You can keep in touch with us on Twitter @NA_TVDNY.

For a full list of named neurological conditions, go to or

For support groups or branches of national charities, please contact the condition-specific charity. For some rare conditions an organisation may not exist, contact Neuro Key to check local information.